10 Useful Elgg plugins for you

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Published: 18th January 2010
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Today, you will find a lot of incredible Elgg plugins that helps you to improve the functionality and the purpose of your Elgg foundation. Here are some of the Elgg plugins that are quite useful. You can use and test every plugin with the latest Elgg version. You can install it to check how perfectly they work as they have proved to be highly advantageous on Social networking sites.

1) Default widgets: With the help of this plugin, you can control and mange the default widgets for new user profile and dashboard with the help of a web interface. It is quite helpful for those users who don't have any knowledge to customize their profile as well as dashboards. Its quite easy too.

2) Custom index: Most of the people like to customize their homepage of social network as per their choice. With Custom index, it is possible to do so. You can easily do this with this incredible plugin and you won't completely hack your Elgg platform.

3) Invite friends: Though this is no more an Elgg core, but everyone loves this plugin for their social network. This plugin helps you to add users as your friends and that too without their prior consent.

4) Friend requests: The Elgg friends functionality helps you to add any user as your friend without their prior approval. Most of the people are not satisfied with this feature, but with this Elgg plugin, the user is able to moderate the list of their friends.

5) User validation: With the help of this plugin the site administrators are able to moderate the users who register. This sort of plugin is helpful when you want to limit the registration of some kind of users. This is a sort of private social network where this plugin is helpful.

6) Form and related plugins: With this Flexprofile plugin, you can control the fields to user profile through the web interface. This functionality works for Elgg core.

7) Embed video: With this plugin, the users can embed videos from YouTube or form other video sites on their profiles pages. If you are planning to create a social network, it is essential to give your users the video capabilities.

8) TidyPics Photo Gallery: This built in file functionality with Elgg helps you to upload your files. However, this plugin is specific to upload and share photos and create picture albums and galleries.

9) higher walls: With this Elgg plugin, you can hide your complete social network from the public. This Elgg plugin as well as user validation plugin will help you to create your private social network.

10)Twitter widget: Do you still need an explanation for integration of Twitter on your social network? With this Elgg plugin, the users Twitter feed are taken and it also displays infinite amount of the latest "Tweets" on the users profiles page!

These are a few Elgg plugins that will surely need to make your Social networking application way better.

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